I was watching the special features the other day of one of my favorite movies, "We Were Soldiers" and LTGEN Hal Moore had an interesting comment which I will paraphrase,"Hollywood never got Vietnam right, until this movie." If you haven't seen the movie you should and get your significant other to watch it as well, it shows the homefront as few war movies ever do.

Which, of course brings me to the topic of the Iraq War. I hope we don't have to wait 30 years for a decent, realistic movie about Iraq. After all there are any number of excellent subjects and books to base movies from. "No True Glory" about Fallujah, "Marines in the Garden of Eden" about the fight for the Nasaryah bridges, "Thunder Run" about the Army's takedown of Baghdad. Even "Generation Kill" could become the next Full Metal Jacket. Instead we get whiny movies like "Stop Loss" and I am sure that movies about Abu Ghrab and Haddith are in the works, Hollywood style you know, Those Evil, Evil American Soldiers persecuting the innocent little insurgents.

I doubt Hollywood would recognize a real American war movie if it smacked them in the face. I guess it's a good thing that John Wayne is dead or these knuckleheads that run Hollywood would surely put him in the grave with the drivel that passes for military movies these days.

Of course I am STILL embittered that "Saving Private Ryan" lost the Oscar to "Shakespeare in Love" a pithy little movie that I guarantee you will only see once. After that year, 1998 or whenever it was, I lost what little teensy, weensy respect I had for the Oscars. Now, of course the Oscars are just another PC exercise in awarding crappy movies that no one actually goes to see.

So, we shall see. There were rumors that "No True Glory" might become a movie. I won't hold my breath.


Anne said…
I do remember watching the Oscars that year and screaming at the TV! I lost faith in the 'establishment' that year. Shakespeare in Love is horrible in comparison. And what a slap in the face of the WWII vets. Also, what is the message of Shakespeare in Love? An extramarital affair! What does that say about Hollywood? Poor Shakespeare, he must go back to his, hoo.