My thoughts for the 5th anniversary of the Iraq War

This is one of my favorite movies and movie speeches. If only some of our politicians and talking heads understood what this is all about they would quit whining about the casualties on the fifth anniversary of the Iraq War and get on with the victory that will give the sacrifice of those brave Americans some meaning. I would not want to denigrate or demean those who have died or been wounded in Iraq but come on, FIVE years of combat and all we seem to hear from the legacy media (newspapers, TV, magazines) are the casualties, not what the troops have accomplished our how many bad guys no longer walk the earth planning their missions of death and destruction. What about stories of American bravery and heroism. Too bad the legacy media doesn't provide as much footage and print space to the 3 Americans who have earned Congressional Medals of Honor as they do about Britney's rehab or which politician is screwing around this week (literally!). It's pretty sad when the tag line "If it bleeds it leads" certainly seems to be how the legacy media chooses what they "think" is news.

Just for a little perspective, we lost 20,000 American casualties in one day at Antietam and 50,000 in three days at Gettysburg. What is more important is how many terrorists and thugs will no longer be able to fly jetliners into skyscrapers or blow up buses and supermarkets. Anyway, here it is....