Books I Like

Something new and different. Some really excellent military history books I am currently reading:

Day of Battle by Rick Atkinson
The second book of his planned trilogy on the European Theater in WW2 is about the Italian Theater. An excellent book that busts a lot of myths about this relatively unknown theater. An outstanding follow-on volume to his Army at Dawn about the North African campaign.

A World Undone: The Story of the Great War, 1914 to 1918 by G.J. Meyer
I just started this book, but it is outstanding so far. I have always wanted a good one volume history of WWI, especially since the 100th anniversary is only 6 years away and the last veterans are dying off. Some interesting parallels to the pre-WWI world and how things are developing in the world today. Just another example of discovering the lessons of history if you are willing to look.

Finally, yes I know, I have some issues with history ADHD. I tend to read long books and it sometimes is easier to rotate them then try and plow through a 600 page book. It's a weakness of mine.

We Were Soldiers by Hal Moore and Joe Galloway
I loved the movie and the book has been outstanding so far. Much more detail than the movie, obviously, and an interesting mixture of historical narrative and oral history. Wonderful book so far, I am plowing right through this one.