From the mouth of babes (so to speak)

So here's an interesting moment as a father:

I am watching Fox News yesterday (something I do a lot of, much to the annoyance of my signficant other) when my 18-year old son pipes up, "Dad, are all of the woman on Fox News blonde babes?"

Now, needless to say I am in quandry on how to answer that, since 95% of the women on Fox News ARE blonde babes..and the other 5% represent the minoity brunette and readhead babes, nothing like affirmative action!

First of all, as a concerned Catholic veteran, it warms my heart that my son notices the blonde babes, on the other hand, as a concerned Catholic father, I figure I should have some sage words in response. So what to say?

Finally, in my infinite wisdom, since we are watching Megan Kelly, one of my personal favorites, I reply, "Well, yes son, that does seem the case" (duh, who wants to watch Rosanne Barr read the news, seriously, yes, men are that vain and stupid sometimes), continuing on I note, "However, you should know that she also has a law degree and was an attorney before becoming a Fox News Babe."
Wheww, sneaked out of that one.
Maybe. I've noticed my son seems to be watching Fox News a lot more lately...I wonder if it's for their deep thinking analysis of the Clinton-Obama dogfight down the homestretch or the nuances of the Iranian nuclear arms crisis?