Next Week-The Circus Will Be In Town!

I suppose next week the circus will be in town...not the one with acrobats and tigers, but the ones with clowns...the two-legged kind. Gen. David Petraeus and U.S. Ambassador to Iraq Ryan Crocker will be in town to testify on the progress in Iraq and I can't want to see how the Dems, moonbats, MSM and other assorted whack jobs will try character assassination, disinformation and general chicanery to downplay their message. Of course a new NIE is out that says things are better. Wonder how the Dems will react...will the take this NIE as gospel like they did when a {flawed} NIE said Iran is no longer developing nuclear weapons or will Move-On say this NIE is "politicized", meaning it doesn't say what they want..

Should be fun to watch.