Military History and Academia

I read these articles with more than a passing interest. I guess I was lucky to go to the Naval Academy, because just about the all the History Department taught there was military history. Of course, they didn't just recite battles and casualties, each of my upper level courses examined war within the context of politics, society and technology to provide the background to understand not only what happened, but why it happened and what it still meant to us today. After all, isn't that what good history does?

Of course I was faced with that age old quandary, to study engineering and the "hard sciences" or to be a "bull major" as they were called. Of course I ended up with the bull major and am glad I did. As the essay on Liberal Arts says, the ability to read great amounts of data, digest information, conduct critical thinking, and be able to communicate well are timeless assets.

So, why don't more colleges teach military history, something that might bring the men back? Good the U.S. News article states, a good course on the Civil War, or World War 2 would more than likely be packed. I have had several parents among our home school friends ask whether I would teach my Civil War, World Wars, or Cold War Classes again....

Importance of Military History

Why don't colleges teach military history?

Why Study Liberal Arts?