This week in history

This is a significant week in world and military history. This week is the crisis week in 1914 that lead to the First World War. After the assassination of the Austro-Hungarian Archduke, Europe watched as Austria-Hungary and Serbia did a diplomatic dance. On July 28, 1914, almost 100 years ago, Europe and the world as it was known came to and end as the world descended into a madness that was previously unthinkable. I wonder how many students today are taught about the significance of World War I and how it directly caused Communism, Fascism and even the situation in Middle East as it is known today. After all, if the Ottoman Empire had not be carved up by the British and French, Iraq would not exist as we know it today!

Why is this important today? People say that "war is obsolete because the world is too connected economically and socially" and "we've outgrown war and it's not civilized anymore" Funny thing is, Europe in 1914 was just as interdependent as the US and China or the US and the Middle East are today. Moreover, ALL of the major monarchs in Europe: the Russian Czar, German Kaiser and King of England were all 1st cousins, descendants of Queen Victoria. Nonetheless they went to war for 4 terrible years that left some 10,000,000 soldiers dead and another 20,000,000 wounded (yes, all those zeros belong). We should never be so naive to think that war is obsolete or that our world is so interconnected that wars can't start because of miscommunication, pettiness or just plain bungling. Of course wars can start of legitimate reasons as well and we should never forget that there are people out there who wish is harm just because of who we are. More about WWI later, I am just getting into the next class in my MA program on Joint Land Warfare and we are currently doing an analysis of German and British infantry tactics. GOOD STUFF

I recently acquired a copy of Barbara Tuchman's classic Guns of August. I look forward to reading it when things quiet down.

Pictures from Photos of the Great War


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