Today in Military History

Today is the anniversary of the 1st Battle of Manassas (the damnyankees call it Bull Run), fought just down the road from me. Like many first battles of a war, it was supposed to be the decisive battle to win the war, only it didn't turn out that way. The Union forces were marching "On to Richmond" to take the Confederate capital and put an end to the young rebellion. However, the Confederate forces were able to use railroads for the first strategic troop movement in American history and brought up reinforcements just in time to stop the Union advance. The famous stand of Thomas Jackson occurred here of course, earning him the sobriquet of "Stonewall" which would follow his through his legendary career.

Map of the Battle, courtesy of Wikipedia

So, what does this battle have to say about today? Most wars do not end in one decisive battle anymore, no matter how neat and tidy we wish them to be. War is not a sitcom where the plot is resolved within 30 minutes so we can go to the next thing in our ADHD world. Unfortunately for the politicians in Washington, our fight with Islamofacism is not likely to end anytime soon. If only we had a Lincoln who would make the unpopular, though necessary decisions to save our republic! Do we have one in either candidate for President. I hope so.