At Last, John McCain pulls his Cannae

John McCain's choice of a running mate was absolutely inspired this morning. Not only does he shore up the conservative base, but he has outflanked the Democrats by appointing a woman, something the Progressive Democrats did not do:(. The shear audacity and brilliance of this move is almost awe inspiring and is probably the 2nd best thing McCain has done in the last 5 years, besides supporting the surge and VICTORY, not withdrawal from Iraq.

I can't wait to see big, bad Joe Biden bloviate at the debates as he tries to pontificate his foreign policy experience.

I find it beyond absurd that a total foreign policy lightweight like Obama, the top of the ticket for the Defeatocrats would criticize anyone's experience, particularly the number 2 for the Republicans.

This is why I love to be a political junkie.....

Oh and by the way, she also has a special needs child...and doesn't play it up for politics...figure the odds of Obama ever doing that...