Wow these people are not only desparate by incredibly pathetic

I was checking my daily news when I came upon a link to this incredible story.
Now normally I don't waste my electrons on the Daily Kos (or Daily Kooks as I call them) since they do nothing but spend their time ranting about George W. Bush, but this time they have sunk lower than low.
To say that Sarah Palin is covering up her daughter's child as her own, not only clearly shows how unhinged and loony these people are, but that they spend way too much time watching Desperate Housewives. More on the left's loony obsession here.

Anyway, just another reason that I will NEVER EVER vote for a Democratic candidate in the current Democratic party that associates with Daily Kos, MoveOn.Org or the Huffington Post. Of course, it also shows how very, very, very afraid of this women they are....

These people are certifiably insane....