Anbar Province

Lost in the hysteria over Hurricane Gustav...look at the difference having five, yes five Republican Governors in charge compared to the incompetence of the previous Louisiana Democrat and the absolutely venomous, scum sucking, bottom dwelling left wing blogger assault on Sarah Palin's family (real manly having a bunch of anonymous bloggers picking on a mother, daughter and grandchild) is the real no-kidding military victory in Anbar Province in Iraq.

Once considered a lost cause and the center of Al Queda activity in Iraq, and the scene of the largest battle of Iraq, Fallujah in November 2004, the province has been turned over to the Iraqis to assume security responsibility.
There's a big difference between withdrawing our troops and bringing our troops home victorious. Clearly that difference is lost on the modern Democratic party...can you imagine FDR calling for withdrawing the troops from Europe before Hitler was defeated?

Anbar Province is in yellow