Border! We don't need no stinkin' border!

It's good to see the U.S. military finally taking some decisive action in northern Pakistan, or as it should be called, south Talibanistan. The last couple of days have seen military actions taking place to go after the Taliban and their supporters. Much, much more of this needs to occur unless Pakistan controls its borders and suppresses this activity, which clearly pushes the bounds of "neutrality in war." If Pakistan is going to pretend that large parts of its population, military and intelligence services are not supporting or sympathizing with the Taliban, at least pretend with a little effort. Otherwise, under the traditional laws of war, the missiles should continue to fly.


Hague V, 1907

With a view to laying down more clearly the rights and duties of neutral Powers in case of war on land and regulating the position of the belligerents who have taken refuge in neutral territory;

Being likewise desirous of defining the meaning of the term "neutral," pending the possibility of settling, in its entirety, the position of neutral individuals in their relations with the belligerents;

Have ... agreed upon the following provisions:


The Rights and Duties of Neutral Powers
Article 1. The territory of neutral Powers is inviolable.
Art. 2. Belligerents are forbidden to move troops or convoys of either munitions of war or supplies across the territory of a neutral Power.
Art. 3. Belligerents are likewise forbidden to:
(a) Erect on the territory of a neutral Power a wireless telegraphy station or other apparatus for the purpose of communicating with belligerent forces on land or sea;
(b) Use any installation of this kind established by them before the war on the territory of a neutral Power for purely military purposes, and which has not been opened for the service of public messages.
Art. 4. Corps of combatants cannot be formed nor recruiting agencies opened on the territory of a neutral Power to assist the belligerents.
Art. 5. A neutral Power must not allow any of the acts referred to in Articles 2 to 4 to occur on its territory.

Of course, let's not forget that Pakistan has nuclear weapons and the Taliban just tried to assassinate their PM...does anyone wonder what will happen if these thugs take power in a coup?