Debate Breakdown and Book Roundup

The debate last night was, I have to say, very illuminating. After wanting to slap Jim Lehrer for spending way, way too much time on the financial crisis, the debate was not too bad. If Jim had moved OFF the bailout deal, since I am sure we will hear about it in the next 2 debates, sooner instead of wasting 1/2 hour we might have heard more about China or the GLOBAL War on Terror.
The actual answers were illuminating. Obambi stuck to his talking points, and I don't think McCain did a good enough job pounding away the point that although Iraq and Afghanistan are important, this is a global war and the U.S. needs to be able to deal with Al Queda wherever they go. I actually agreed with Obambi about blasting Al Queda and Taliban targets within Pakistan if needed, but I doubt he actually has the stones to do it when push comes to shove.
I am also concerned about Obambi's staying power. Afghanistan will probably take another 4 years to fix, if possible and what will happen when we start seeing more casualties and spending $10B a month in Afghanistan? What will Obambi do when his supporters in MoveOn.Org and the Daily Kos kooks decide it's time to bring ALL the troops home so we can pay for socialized medicine or more fraudulent loans to people who can't pay for them? Will the Democrats be able to prosecute the war or will they fold? History does not seem to be positive for them.

But, if you want to read about Iraq, here are a couple of books I recommend:

This is a really excellent book as an overview of the entire war and how the American strategy evolved from late 2003-2007

Another excellent book about the surge and how U.S. troops are winning the war.

An outstanding account of the major battle of the war.