The Hits Just Keep Rolling Along

The hits just keep rolling along...from Ace of Spades website

Sarah Palin: Die Hard
Barack Obama: The Crying Game

Obama = Moose
Sarah Palin = Sarah Palin

Palin = George S. Patton
Obama = Weeping candy-ass

Obama = Turks at Battle of Lepanto
Palin = Christians at Battle of Lepanto
Republican Convention = Battle of Lepanto

Sarah Palin: The Death Star
Barack Obama: Alderaan.

Obama: The most foul, cruel, and bad-tempered rodent you ever set eyes on!
Palin: The Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch.

Palin: Dirty Harry
Obama: Punk

Obama Xerxes: "Lay down your weapons and you will live."
Leonides Palin : "Come and get them."

Obama = Toyota Prius
Palin = H2 Hummer

Obama: Tokyo
Palin: Godzilla

Palin: Chuck Norris roundhouse kick
Obama: whatever gets in Chuck Norris's way

Palin: Capt. Kirk
Obama: A Red Shirt

Obama = Bambi
Palin = Godzilla

Obambi - John Bobbit
Palin - Lorena Bobbit