A Personal Note

Lost in all the hubbub about how mean and nasty ol' Sarah was to the Obamasiah and Joey Biden {Wow, it must be tough to get picked on by a girl huh?..Just think how nice Putin and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will be...anyway I digress.} What most impressed my about Sarah was her connection to parents of children with special needs. Often lost in the sturm and drang about health care is what a tremendous sacrifice many parents make to raise these children, and, more importantly, how these parents show other people the dignity and purpose their children have in the world. I would think the soft, fluffy PROGRESSIVE liberals would understand that someone who has to go above and beyond to care for a child like Trig would know all about the importance of health care, families, what it takes to be a working Mom...but no, they just want to portray her as a lightweight airhead who didn't go to Harvard, Yale or Wellesley. That will, of course, be their mistake.

Reminds me of General McClellan before the Battle of Antietam "If I can not whip Bobby Lee, than I shall go home" I figure Joe Biden will say the same before the Vice-Presidential debates...after all he's soooo much smarter and more experienced than that hockey mom.

She would have my vote for her role as a special needs parent alone, but, of course there are so many more....something about a blond with an automatic rifle.