R.I.P. Network News

In my house, today marks the official death of the legacy liberal media, sometimes mistakenly referred to as the "mainstream media". Referring to the ABCBSMSNBCCNN crowd as the "mainstream media" is similar to calling Ted Bundy "someone with social issues". The final death throes of this group of disillusioned individuals was the interview of Sarah Palin by Charles "my glasses are falling off my nose because of the condescension dripping off" Gibson. I actually forced myself to watch it just to see if he could give a decent interview.

Silly, silly me, what was I thinking? It was actually painful to watch Charlie repeatedly try to trap Sarah in a "gotcha" answer that the Obama campaign could turn into a commercial. I mean, how many times can you ask her about Israel and Iran? It was actually amusing to watch Charlie become frustrated as Sarah stuck to her answer word for word. This is, of course, what they teach us in SERE school as young aviators. In Search, Evasion, Resistance and Escape school they teach you how to handle intense questions from hostile interrogators. Stick to your answer and don't change it or the enemy interrigator will pounce and pick you apart. Obviously John McCain has imparted some of this wisdom to Sarah for dealing with the press.

Charlie repeated this tactic over and over, obviously something they teach in journalism school right after they remove the common sense and decency as part of your partial lobotomy. But Sarah field dressed him like a caribou and did it all with a smile.

Of course, I never, ever heard of any liberal legacy media interviewer asking the Obamaessiah about his connections to Bill Ayers, unrepentant domestic terrorist or his housing financier, Tony Rezko. The only reason the Rev. Wright connection came out is because they couldn't contain it because that guy was such a kook that even they couldn't defend him (of course having the YouTube videos meant they couldn't "edit" out the bad parts). Not to say that losers like Bill Moyers didn't try to rehabilitate the wacko Reverend with the most softball interview ever done by a fawning liberal reporter.

So, needless to say, I will continue to get my information and news from Fox News from now on. Sadly, they can't get rid of Alan Colmes or Geraldo Rivera, but even Fox News isn't perfect. In any event, the anger and bias of the press is so obvious that even disinterested Americans are starting to notice what conservatives have known, the legacy liberal media is completely in the tank for Obama and is just the P.R. wing of the Democratic Party.

This also cracks me up...the press is already setting the stage to diminish the possibility of sending Osama to hell by wrapping it up as an "October Surprise" to help McCain get elected. These people are sad, and I have little sympathy for the diminishing readership and business problems of legacy liberal newspapers.

So Rest In Peace, legacy liberal media, 2008 will go down as the year that the average American finally figures out that there is NO SUCH THING as an objective reporter anymore, at least at ABCBSMSNBCCNN or the New York Times or Washington Post, or LA times or.....(insert your local paper here).