Thoughts for the end of this week

Well, another week closer to Thanksgiving and Christmas. I have been listening and trying to sort through all the static about the incoming Obambi Presidency and a few things struck me:

(1) Every President starting his (or her) first term wants a second term. SOOO, does this mean, as many pundits say, that Obambi will move more to the center so he doesn't scare the hell out of white, more conservative (cough) blue collar voters? After all, as I said in a previous post, even with 99.999999% of the black vote, it's not enough to win re-election. I think the probability of this is good. Just watch out if he wins a second term and the Defeatocrats are still in change of Congress. Then it might truly be time to head for the mountains of Idaho and buy that cabin. BUT

(2) There are going to be a LOT of egos as work the next two years. I don't picture Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid playing second banana to the Obamessiah in any event. So, I don't know if there is going to be a lot of Defeatocratic Kum-By-Yah moments or not. This is the perfect place for the Republicans to work their insurgency for the next two years, reaching out to the Blue Dog Democrats and trying to keep a lid on the Barry-Nancy-Harry Trioka.

(3) I think that the recession is going the be deep, hard, and long and no matter how much the media, Defeatocrats, nutroots and academia will try to blame it on Bush, it won't stick at the 2010 mid-term elections. W will be happily at his ranch writing his memoirs and waiting for history to resurrect at least some of his reputation. It may take 20 years like it did for Reagan, but he will watch with satisfaction as the Bailout Stinkbomb starts to go off. Barry will be riding into Washington on an ass (too many possible jokes here, I will resist) with Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann, Katie Couric, CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, NPR, MSNBC all holding palm branches and singing Hosanna. I hate to sound blasphemous, but remember how that ended? I don't picture Barry will escape that. Remember, it's always the disillusioned followers that become the worst enemies.

(4) And lets not forget that like another failed Defeatocratic President, the Obambi WILL find his domestic agenda interrupted by that pesky foreign policy/terrorist/war going on thing. I don't think Smilin' Joe Biden is going to get many people to be "patient" with this Administration if it screws up Iraq/the Iranian Bomb/Russian Resurgence/Terrorist Strike on US. So keep an eye out for that, since you can't vote "present" when you need to decide how to respond to the very, very likely Iranian nuclear test during his first term.

So, like many thoughtful conservatives, I will watch and see how the Republicans regroup. I think electing Michael Steele as chairman of the RNC is an outstanding first step. I will hold me feelings on reelecting Boehner and probably McConnell to leadership positions, but we shall see. I don't think there should be much in-fighting...if you are a RINO, just become a Democrat and save us the trouble of ejecting you. I for one do not bemoan the "Loss" of New England for the GOP, there were no true conservative Republicans there anyway.....I do agree that conservatives need a message and a plan, a new "Contract with America 2.0". More on that later.