Today is my Birthday

Today is my birthday, so here is my wish list:

1. I wish that Congress and the entire U.S. government would have to live with the effects of their decisions. I mean seriously, a PAY RAISE !$^#. After the most do nothing, failed Congress in recent memory, with a lower approval rating than even the constantly trumpeted approval rating of W?

First of all, every member of Congress and the Obambi family should be forced to send their children to DC Public Schools. Then let's wait and see how many microseconds it takes to get real education reform done, including a voucher program for failed inner city schools.

Second, instead of their own separately funded pension plan, every member of Congress should get a 401K with matching contributions and Social Security, just like the rest of us. Let's see how their tax policies change and how quickly they decide that maybe offering an option to privatize your Social Security account isn't so evil after all.

2. I wish that the U.S. and the entire Christian West should say to the Islamic world that we will begin treating their religion with the same respect that they treat Christianity. Therefore, until Christians are allowed to worship freely, build churches and preach the Gospel throughout the Middle East, there will be no more mosques, imams or "cultural centers" built in the U.S. or our allies. After all, why shouldn't there be a new Bishop of Antioch or Alexandria? They were of course, pillars of the Early Church, a fact often forgotten in the ignorance of the lamestream media. It is absolutely insane that the Saudis are able to fund mosques to spread their questionable brand of Wahhabbi extremist Islam, but there is no Catholic Church in Saudi Arabia. The cowardly West should stand up for our culture and faith and demand equal rights...after all isn't that the left's favorite phrase?

After all, there are few groups better at the victimization concept than Muslims in America...if I hear one more time about prejudice against Muslims because someone questions the tennants of suicide bombings in the Koran or questions the veracity of the Prophet, maybe those whiners should see what real religious prosecution is and see how Christians in Iraq live.

3. Finally, I actually agree with the Obambi and his statement about Pakistan and I wish he follows through with his threat of hot pursuit of terrorists into Pakistan. If they can't or won't control what goes on in their country, then maybe it's time for India and the United States to do so. I know Pakistan is a nuclear power and all that, but if they all want to meet Allah, then we should afford them the opportunity. There is virtually no chance of victory in Afghanistan, no matter how many troops we surge into that #$%hole of a place until the border "ratlines" are shut down by any means needed. And of course, we need to secure our supply lines as well. So, either Pakistan can step up and join the 21st century, or we should finish sending them back to the 8th century where they seem to want to go anyway.

4. Finally, I wish for blueberry cheesecake and Beef Wellington, which is likely the only wish on this list that I will actually get!