Inauguration or Coronation or Just an aBOMBAnation

Started watching some of the coverage today on the coronation of Obamasseah and I must say that isn't it a little ironic that Jesus Christ came into Jerusalem with only a donkey, a cloak and some palm branches and did more good for humanity in one week that Obambi will EVER do? Just a thought.

I personally can't wait to see if there is any cake under the frosting, and when or if, Americans will realize that although they elected the first African-American President, they also elected a machine politician from the most corrupt urban political machine in the country who hasn't had to make a tough decision his entire life, i.e. one that could involve life and death for American troops, spies, etc.

I also hope I am still alive when George W. Bush has taken his place alongside Harry Truman and Ronald Reagan as reviled in office but redeemed by history. It will probably take longer than Reagan's 20 years or Truman's 40 years, but history will show that George W. Bush firmly put us on the road to victory over Islamofacism. Assuming that Obambi doesn't blow it and we get absorbed into the caliphate during his second term.

There was a great deal that George did that I didn't agree with, immigration to be sure, but he was ABSOLUTELY right in everything he did to keep us safe after 9/11. More importantly, he set the bar very high and now Obambi has no choice but to try and meet that bar, because, no matter what kinda domestic agenda he tries to get passed, one major terrorist attack on American soil and Barry O is done, cooked, stick a fork in him. The American people will not forgive a Moveon.Org approach to keeping us safe if Mustafa blows up a mall or crashes planes into more buildings.

What will make me happier is when Nancy Pelosi fades to the footnote in history that she will be as the most failed, partisan and divisive Speaker of the House in modern American history. Harry Reid, well, he will be lucky if he gets reelected, he probably won't even get a footnote, which is fine with me, too.