March for Life

Well, this is a tad off my usual topics, but important nonetheless. The family and I went to take part in the March for Life today. A significant topic of discussion was the Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA). Here is a short analysis.

Now I am no Constitutional Lawyer, but there seem to be some serious issues with the Bill of Rights here. Specifically the 1st and 10th Amendments. This seems to be a HUGE overreach into States Rights with the overriding of lawfully voted limits on abortion by the states and an even bigger overreach with the potential limitations on peaceful protests outside abortion mills (or clinics as the pro-abortion clique likes to call them).

Now, although I am no fan of Obambi, I consider he is a pretty smart politician. Picking a huge fight with the Catholic Church and a good chunk of the people who didn't vote for him is not smart when the economy is tanking, wars are ongoing and he just did a very risky action in closing GITMO. But NARAL and Planned Parenthood expect payback for their unwavering support and Obambi may have no choice.

This could be Clinton's Gays in the Military missstep made even worse.

Of course the wildcard in all this is will the Republicans in the Senate have the cajones to fillibuster this to death and allow Obambi to let it fade away this year....we shall see.

Here's my take on they should be.........

How will History Judge Us?

January 22, 2024 – Across from the Supreme Court, Washington DC

NetNews Service Report (NNS-Washington))-The Dedication Ceremony for the Abortion Holocaust Museum was somber today. The crowd of about 50,000 included several members of the Palin Administration, which was instrumental in the final overturning of Roe vs. Wade- the infamous Supreme Court decision from the late 20th century that instituted the holocaust of abortion in the United States for the past 50 years, claiming the lives of almost 100,000,000 victims. The recent amendment to the U.S. Constitution guaranteeing the right to life was officially signed into law one year ago on this date by President Bachmann, who served as Vice-President in the previous Administration.
Spokesmen for the Museum described the long history of the fight to end abortion and noted that, ironically, the overreach of the infamous Obama Administration was a key turning point in the struggle. “The fight over the Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA) really got not only the right to lifers engaged, but a whole host of groups concerned about the coercive nature of the law that essentially did away with key parts of the Constitution,” John Pinkerton told reporters. He went on to say, “The numerous court challenges and protests brought to the nation’s attention the totalitarian nature of the pro-abortion movement. Not to mention, the almost unanimous decision by the Catholic Church to close its extensive network of hospitals and clinics in response to this law made a deep impression on many people, especially the poor served by those medical facilities.” Although many of the provisions relating to peaceful protests outside abortion mills and other free speech issues were struck down by the Supreme Court, the provisions sweeping aside most restrictions on abortion were upheld by a contentious 5-4 ruling.
The end of abortion will likely be traced by many historians to the nuclear attacks on Boston, Dallas, and Denver by Al Queda in the fall of 2011, when terrorists released from Guantanamo Bay by the Obama Administration’s Terrorist Rehabilitation Act of 2010 smuggled Pakistani nuclear weapons into those cities and detonated them simultaneously on September 11, killing almost 800,000 Americans and wounding twice that many. The tepid American response, seeking to avoid violating the sovereignty of the Islamic State of Pakistan, recently taken over by the Taliban after the fall of Afghanistan in 2010, brought a resurgence of Republican candidates into office in 2012, including President Sarah Palin and Vice President Michelle Bachmann, 25 Senators and 80 Representatives. The surprising and highly popular decision by President Palin for the swift destruction of the Pakistani regime and its nuclear weapons using U.S. ground, air, and nuclear forces brought great howls of outrage from most of the world but was considered necessary by the U.S. voters, who widely supported the move.
The complete discreditation of the American left by subsequent investigations tying CAIR, the ACLU and MoveOn.Org to the effort to release the terrorists responsible for the attacks allowed the new Administration to swiftly move to restore the previous Bush Administration policies on counter-terrorism and defense. As an adjunct, President Palin’s outspoken desire for American spiritual and patriotic renewal combined with her swift appointment of 3 Supreme Court justices ensured that Roe vs. Wade was on the demise. The new Republican Congress swiftly overturned FOCA, which was upheld 7-2 by the new Supreme Court and introduced the Right to Life Amendment, as a way to “Thank God for our survival as a nation and renew our sense of dedication to the Founding Principles of this Country” as the opening words of the Bill read.
Many of the new Republican Representatives were members of what has been called the “Abortion Generation” who made impassioned speeches on the House floor describing their views on a “scourge that has wiped out a third of my generation” and “How my mom almost aborted me, but was stopped by the prayers of our parish priest.” Congressional inquiries led to subsequent criminal, racketeering, and civil liability investigations into Planned Parenthood, NOW and NARAL by the Palin Justice Department and the states of Oklahoma, Mississippi, and Texas which led to multiple convictions on separate counts of child endangerment, failure to report statutory rape and conspiracy to commit fraud, leading to the virtual bankruptcy of these organizations on 2021.
By 2022, the required 2/3 of states had ratified the amendment, with California and Massachusetts being among the most vociferous opponents and threatening to nullify the law until President Bachmann threatened to send U.S. Marshalls to arrest any state official not obeying the law. The Mayor of San Francisco, Jesse Jackson IV, was actually arrested briefly in October 2023 when he tried to re-open an abortion clinic, but after the intense debate on the issue, a majority of Americans understood that the time had come for abortion to go the way of slavery in denying a class of citizens their due process. The highly publicized relief work by the Catholic Church and evangelical Christians in Boston, Dallas and Denver helped smooth the passage of the amendment, especially the Catholic Bishop’s decision to reopen an extensive network of hospitals and other services to support long-term care for the thousands of radiation victims. The magnitude of the long-term need to rebuild led the Archbishop of Denver, who was in a meeting in Rome when the city was destroyed to say, “We need every citizen to help rebuild our country, the born and the unborn.” The Museum, built with private funding, has extensive displays detailing the many legal battles, peaceful protests and timelines in the fight to end abortion. Like the Jewish Holocaust Museum in downtown D.C., the museum also has several haunting displays on partial birth abortion, the lingering effects on women who underwent abortions and a particularly poignant display showing 1000 scale model fetuses, each representing 100,000 abortions. The adjoining cultural center offers educational programs and highlights the many ongoing efforts to provide services to unborn children and their mothers.