I Love It When I'm Right-But Not about this!

As previously predicted, Obambi (or as the new bumper sticker says OneBigAssMistakeAmerica) is now officially going to repay the porkulus part I, and his future porkulus bill giveaways to his Defeatocratic allies (unions, ACORN, MoveOn.Org) by losing (or downsizing) the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Look for WONDERFUL news coming soon from Iraq so we can yank our troops out and look for head shaking and finger waging at our NATO and Afghan allies as an excuse to yank our troops out of Afghanistan by the end on next year. It's gonna happen.....

Yup, saw this one a mile off...the only place to cut the budget for a Defeatocrat is the military budget.

Oh, and because they're not stupid enough, Obamabi and his pals are also going to raise taxes on the investor class (read anyone with a 401K or any type of investment) to help pay for his porkulus spending.

Don't kid yourself, anything you hear about these porkulus programs ever expiring IS A LIE. Government programs rarely, if ever die, and any tax goody giveaway will become an entitlement. THE only way to pay for Obambi's greatest desire-universal health coverage-is to screw young people over by making them part of the system whether they like it or not to help pay for the Baby Boomers.

MARK MY WORDS, this country within 1o years will not be faced with a boring old class war, there will instead be a generational war that will make any previous cultural, class, race, gender, whatever pale by comparison. When everyone born after 1980 finds out just how bad they are going to get screwed by the Baby Boomers, it's gonna get ugly.

My wife asked the other day if we should start putting twenties under the mattress...something to think about...


alohavale said…
So sad that it's true!