Iran Will Get the Bomb-What will the world do?

Map From Global Security.

See their Iranian WMD Page-lots of good information

Well, everyone knew it was just a matter of time.

The question is what will anyone do about it? The current Iranian regime is not merely nuts, they are deranged and dangerous. The lefties scoff at America's "Jesus Freaks," while the "Mahdi Freaks" in Iran anxiously want to cause the return of the 12th Mahdi.

For all those realpolitik types out there, how do you expect traditional MAD deterrence to work on a country's leadership that is perfectly willing to die for their faith?

I honestly think Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the chief loon in Iran is perfectly willing to trade a couple of Iranian cities for Tel Aviv and Dimona, the home of Israel's nuclear reactor.

What really scares me though, is how fast the Obambi Administration (or freakin' circus, as the case may be) will throw the Israelis under the bus if the Iranians threaten U.S. or European targets. I mean, after we throw Poland and Czechoslovakia under the bus and withdraw our missile shield.

Crazy, just don't negotiate with a rattlesnake, it is a waste of time and will just piss the snake off, you must kill it.

We and/or the Israelis should tell Mahmoud, that the day after an Iranian nuclear test, the facilities will disappear, operational or not operational. Oh, and we should inform Pooty Poot Putin, that if Russian technicians happen to get in the way, so sad, too bad, incedental damage.

OH, and by the way, expect wailing from the Arabs for about 24 hours before they start thanking us through back channels for eliminating the Persian bomb.


Joseph said…
You're aware that Iran is a sovereign country, right?
Sure Iran is a soverign country..full of mullahs that constantly threaten the destruction of Israel, rail against the Great Satan..etc.

I DO NOT want them to have nukes...period, end of story.