How to Fight Pirates for Dummies

Update 4/10: This column from the New York Post is clearly on the right track.

Okay, clearly some plain speaking is needed. Unlike the idiots at the Associated Press, I believe the solution to piracy off Somalia is quite simple, as I noted in my earlier post on the subject back in December.

Like any war, and make no mistake it is a war, you do not remain on defense trying to patrol thousands of square miles of ocean looking for rowboats. You park a Carrier Battle Group off the shore and bomb the crap out of every port, fishing jetty and waterfront installation in Somalia. Then for good measure, you leave a couple of destroyers, maybe an LCS or two and maybe even an LPH loaded with Apache helicopters and you let them have target practice on any boat with armed men outside the "supposed" 12 mile territorial limit. Then you politely send in the useless but well meaning UN and let them convince the Somalis that maybe they should consider another line of work.

That is what Thomas Jefferson, Ronald Reagan or maybe even George W. Bush would have done to any pissant pirate stupid enough to attack an AMERICAN merchant vessel. But Obambi, he'll just talk them to death. Or maybe send the morons from the Congressional Black Caucus that just genuflected at the feet of Fidel Castro to offer the pirates some TARP money...or hey this is good idea, let's use the card check and unionize 'em all, they'll probabaly become too lazy to hijack ships then....


This is how you deal with pirates

From the U.S. Navy Historical Center