More Books for Memorial Day

Here are some more books on Americans at war. All excellent works...the books on Gettysburg are particularly recommended.

The story of the entire Fallujah campaign of 2004...from convoluted beginning to ultimate victory. West describes the combat in detail and also discusses the larger political issues surrounding the battle. Fallujah will no doubt become a preeminent case study in urban combat.

The little known, but true story of the armored task force that precipitated the fall of Saddam in April 2003. A little known tale of the use of armor in an urban environment. A true nail biter of a war story.

One of the best books on Gettysburg. All of his battle histories are very good. Sears is one of the best narrative historians of the Civil War I have read.

A collection of essays about leadership and the Battle of Gettysburg. Not a traditional history, but an excellent companion to the study of the battle. Not for the faint of heart, it assumes you are well read on the basic details and chronology of the battle.