Thoughtful Article

I really enjoy reading Ralph Peters' column in the New York Post. Although I don't always agree with his opinion, he does make me think and sometimes even go way outside the box.

This column is particularly thoughtful...Ralph believes, if I understand him right, that Afghanistan is very likely to be an unwinnable war for many are the big three:
  1. The Taliban are drawn from the Pushtan tribe, the biggest tribe in the country, and as Ralph correctly posits that most 21st century wars will be tribal war, we are fighting the hometown boys instead of a bunch of Al Queda interlopers.
  2. As much as Iraq had identity issues as a country, Afghanistan is even worse and trying to get some sort of working federal government will likely never work without favoring one tribe over another.
  3. MOST OF ALL, the issue of Pakistan is hopelessly intertwined. As long as the Taliban can cross the border into safety and the Pakistani military doesn't really, truly crack down on them, we are faced with a long, drawn out war that the lefties in the Democratic party will not long suffer.....
So, if I put my conspiracy hat on...could it be that Obambi and his inner Mafia are setting up General Petraeus for a fall and will can him like they did Gen. David McKiernan? After all, if the Republicans could get Petraeus to run (especially with my favorate Republican Sarah Palin), especially after what I belive will be a Jimmy Carter-esque four years, wow, would that smite Obambi and his, will they strike first and impugn the most famous American general since Dwight Eisenhower?

hmmmmmmm...could this be what Obambi and his minions fear the most (Petraeus/Palin 2012)