Don't Worry, Be Happy

That's right, as long as the dollar doesn't implode, or the mortgage market goes belly up next year (saw that scary graph on Glenn Beck tonight) or gas prices go up...everything will be fine, says the Obamasseiah.

Obama Says ‘Robust’ Growth Will Prevent Tax Increases

And of course, if he says it, then it must be true...after all, ABCNBCCBS luv Obama.

But it will still suck for most of you peasants for at least another year...hear those Democrats starting to sweat the 2010 elections...they could be more than the perfect storm that swept them into power in 2006. Iraq will be a distant memory, but stagflation and the new improved misery index won't

Obama Says U.S. Jobless Rate to Reach 10% This Year

But hey, they all know what they're doing....
Dems seek to trim health bill as estimates soar

You know it's really scary, but we are now in a race to see if liberal progressivism, or liberal fascism can be discredited faster than our country becomes a Third World basket case like Zimbabwe. When a final, actual, unbiased accounting of the Obama Administration occurs, it will be the worst case of big city machine politics ever to ruin a country.....Nixon, Carter, Tammany Hall, even the worst situation of the Daley dynasty in Chicago will pale in comparison for corruption and incompetence.

My parents actually told me they were concerned that we would not become financially better off as a generation...and you know what, I told them they might be right.

Of course, maybe my grandkids will have sorted this all they deal with $10 Trillion Dollars in debt. Of course, I will be dead by then, since it will be too expensive and "not financially viable" to pay for my medical needs under Obamacare

So the question becomes, will the most Narcissistic generation (Baby Boomers) go quietly into that good night to keep health care costs down...what an interesting conundrum...after all, didn't the anointed one promise candy canes and unicorns for everyone?


Anonymous said…
Hear, hear! Even the military's not a safe bet anymore....