The End of Western Civilization?

This is pretty tragic if you think about it.

German Army too Fat and Lazy to Fight

When you consider that once the German Army was the vaunted instrument of Frederick the Great, Helmut von Moltke
and Erwin Rommel, and defined military excellence. German landsers, panzer grenadiers, Fallschirmjäger were the scourge of Europe, conquering France too many times to count and nearly conquering the Soviet Union in World War II. Even after World War II, the Bundeswehr was the backbone of NATO for almost 40 years. Now...It is pretty sad to see what was once the most feared army in Europe come to this.

Of course, if you were cynical, like me, you might say it is indicative of Western Civilization and our general malaise. Moral equivalency, a lack of reverence for the foundations of our civilization and an overall lack of appreciation for our history and what our ancestors did for us have made most of us soft and lazy.

Now, I know, I know, I'm not a neo-Nazi or anything like that, but isn't it sad that most of the countries of Europe seem lethargic and unconcerned as they are taken over by Islam?

Here's an outstanding book that tells the whole tale of how the Germans built the most potent operational army in the world, if not the best strategic warfighting capability.