Little Tidbit of Happiness from the NY Times

Okay, normally this would make me really cranky.

Great Caesar’s Ghost! Are Traditional History Courses Vanishing?

Of course they are idiots!! That's why people are so stupid they consider John Stewart to be a newsman and Barack Obambi to be a wise statesman...oyyy

Seriously though, why is it so important to understand the contributions of one-legged lesbian African-American women to the making of American Cold War Strategy?

Answer: IT'S NOT, because they didn't.

This is clearly a difficult issue for people to expect. NO matter how much they hate the facts, revisionist historians (and you know how I feel about revisionist historians) can't escape the cold hard truth that America was founded by white males that owned slaves. These same white males decided most of the great events of American history, including our Civil War, the invention of the light bulb, steel, railroads, cars and computers, and of course two World Wars. Now, this is not to diminish the contributions of women, African-Americans, the disabled, etc., but clearly the whole social studies, ethnic history slant has gotten way out of control.

hidden in this article is a little interesting tidbit.
Military History seems to be on a bit of an upswing. Now this does fill my little heart with gladness, because not only is military history near and dear to my heart, but clearly there is a growing renaissance that understanding why and how wars are fought; their effects on society and even how they are portrayed in the media and through history is important. And of course, they are popular on college campuses, and after all, isn't that what college is all about, learning about topics you probably were never exposed to in high school...sigh, which is very sad. I can easily see they day when Barack Obambi gets 2 full pages in a high school history book, while Ronald Reagan is consigned to a paragraph as that crazy Hollywood actor who was President when Mikhail Gorbachev ended the Cold War.
So I am now reengaged in my quest to become the closet conservative-inflicted upon some unsuspecting institute of learning- stealthfully seeding young minds with stories of Audie Murphy, Stonewall Jackson, Hal Moore and Michael Mansoor. And of course, fighting revisionist history one poorly written textbook at a time.