Monday Blues

Well, here is the Monday roundup from my not very enthusiastic self.

Iran: I would like to be very, very excited about the developments. After all, although it would pain me that somehow the Cult Media of Obambi would give him credit due to his incredible lightness of being, a Green Revolution to overthrow the mullahs would make me happy. However, I don't think the Supreme Ayatollah and his pals will go gently into that good night. However, anything that makes Mahmoud Imanutjob uncomfortable does make me smile.

Obamacare: As someone with first-hand knowledge of socialized medicine (ala Military Healthcare), I can definitely say it is great unless you are chronically ill or sick. Yes, if you have broken bones or a runny nose, it is great, but if you have cancer or something serious, fugidabouddit. You will get what they prescribe or pay for it out of pocket. I find it fascinating that the left thinks single-payer will give everyone in Harlem a Manhattan quality of health care, when in reality it will be the reverse. What is most amazing about this entire debate is there are REAL ACTUAL CURRENT examples of socialized medicine in Britain and Canada, and yet somehow, as usual, our liberals think they can do it better then their liberals. Hopefully, there will be enough pressure on Senators and Congresscritters that have to get reelected in 2010 without the Obambis help to put the breaks on this nonsense.

Finally, has anyone noticed the complete and totally collapse of the entire lamestream, obamabi-fellating, fawning, a**-kissing media? I mean seriously, the NYT and WAPO would be printing extra additions to cover all the scandals of this were the McCain administration:
* The entire stimulus giveaway to Obamabi's political supporters and cronies: ACORN, SEIU...
* The firing of the Americorps IG- The NYT went nuts of Bush's legal firing of US Attorneys..WTF?
* The shennanigans of the Federal Reserve being completely politicized and buying up Treasury Bonds to cover Obambis deficits
* Obambis profligate use of taxpayer dollars to enjoy the perks of his own private plane.
* The connections between the closed car dealerships and whether they were hits on Republicans
* The legality of both of the corporate thug buyouts of GM and Chrysler.
Well, the list goes on...I guess when the entire Democratic Party gets ridden out of town on an Amtrak rail in 2010, we can get some real Truth Commissions on the blatant unconstitutional power grab of this Administration...FDR would be smiling...

Finally, this is awesome...there is no underestimating the power of bacon. The wife posted this on her website, and it is too funny...I do love bacon...hmmmm