Seriously, is the death of Michael Jackson, really that important, tragic as it may be? I mean, the guy was not only pretty whacked mentally, but he was just a singer for goodness' sake, it's not like he cured cancer or anything.

But it does serve Obamabi's purchase by allowing his media buddies to bury a more important story..

US will not use force to inspect NKorean ship

In addition to showing Obambi's complete disinterest in foreign policy, since he hasn't figured out a way to tax the North Koreans or Iranians (or sign them up to help ACORN with the 2010 census), it appears he would just rather ignore them and hope it all goes away.

However, buried deep in the story is the real news:
  • South Korea, meanwhile, plans to use high-tech surveillance and weapons systems to counter North Korea's missile and nuclear programs, Defense Minister Lee Sang-hee said in a Friday briefing.
  • South Korea plans to employ unmanned reconnaissance planes and add "bunker-buster" bombs to its arsenal in case of signs that the North planned to launch an attack toward the South, Lee said.
So, how long will the South Koreans (and Japanese) put up with this crap before they either:
  1. Shoot down a North Korean missile or
  2. Use a Predator to take it out on the launch pad
By his blunders, Obamabi makes the world less safe by coddling dictators and making our allies nervous he will throw them under the bus, just like anyone else that is of no further use to him.


Anonymous said…
Couldn't agree more!