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Sunday, June 21, 2009

When did this happen?

When did I become the grouchy old curmudgeon? This weekend we had 30 family (and straphangers) in my little Cape Cod-16 adults and 14 kids. Thank goodness for decent weather and a new deck or it woulda been ugly. But seriously, when did parents stop disciplining their kids or at least dealing with them. If I heard one more parent sitting on their a** on the back deck say, "Is anyone watching the kids in the front yard", I was going to bitchslap them (yes I said that). I mean seriously, just because you're at my house does not mean I will watch your kids while you sit on your butt and talk.

And seriously, I was gonna go ballistic if anymore little knuckleheads stood in the doorway trying to air condition Northern Virgina. It was a very eye-opening experience to say the least. I mean, these were the same people that watched the wife and I deal with our son when they were all single, in college, and SOOO much wiser than us and say "Well, my kids will never act like that" to which I now say, "Yea, they're worse". This is definitely one of those times I'm glad we had kids early, so I can now stand back and chuckle as my son gets ready for his sophomore year at college.

Yupp...they say you become more like your father everyday, and it is so true...I could hear my Dad saying, "Close the damn door, you trying to cool the great outdoors" every time I tried to politely, at least for a little while, tell all my little nieces and nephews to quit playing with the patio door.

Happy Father's Day, Dad, your work is now complete.

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alohavale said...

I think I say "stop cooling (or heating) the great outdoors" every day. I KNOW said it yesterday. The problem is that God gave the kids ears, but forgot to tell them to use them...
You're not that grouchy, just the only one who's right in a room filled with people that are wrong. Sorta like being at the Democratic National Convention...