Facing Overwhelming Odds- I go head to head with 3 liberals on Facebook

Okay, so here goes...I occasionally have intense Facebook political discussions with my high school classmate "Lefty Liberal A"... I am accused of stirring the pot by my significant other..which of course is true...I love tweaking my liberal friends and to be honest, Lefty Liberal A gives as good as he gets. I really enjoy our little tete-a-tetes because we both know where we stand. To be honest, we were pretty decent friends in high school since we were both band geeks and he is a pretty decent guy who likes puppies and hates mowing his grass, which I am totally down with.... and our conversations are interesting diversions. But, watch what happens when one of his whiny friends (Lefty Liberal B) buts into to our conversation. I will now replay this conversation verbatim from Facebook with the names changed to protect the innocent (or knuckleheads) and add some fun comments. My comments will be in purple to honor my opponents

Lefty Liberal A
She irritates me even when she's resigning. I'm afraid this won't mean she's going away

Lefty Liberal B
I think she's going to go to Presidential Candidate Camp. And learn thing's like, "the vice-presidential candidate doesn't give a concession speech. And she especially doesn't cry about not getting to give one." Of course, Bill O'Reilly said that she can learn all about the actual United States and its laws and etiquette in four years, right?

Not to be as mean as I could be, but if only her parents had practiced abstinence. Always. {First of all, butt out of our conversation...and wow, what a way to fire me up..see his whining later...}

Lefty Liberal A
I actually felt sorry for her until she started all the martyr crap.

The Grouchy Historian
WELLLLL, speaking as huge Palin fan I believe this is an outstanding flanking maneuver...after all didn't the Obamassiah become qualified to be President by spending 2 years running for President?
Sarah will now support Repub Cong Candidates; raise money for her PAC and avoid all the anklebiters in Alaska while she's doing it...then she can just sit back and watch Obama's economy tank and....

Lefty Liberal A
I don't see how quitting under pressure would demonstrate her fitness for the highest office in the world. I think it is more likely that her shady dealings are catching up to her and she can't take the heat. This woman is a two-bit crooked politician who would have remained in obscurity if not for the desperation of a losing candidate in a losing .... She is just one more element of the brilliant legacy of George W. Bush.

As a Democrat, I sincerely hope that she runs for and wins the Republican nomination.

Lefty Liberal B
Grouchy Historian, if you'rea huge Palin fan, that's your choice. I don't really care for the namecalling like "Obamassiah,"{Seriously, after the abstinence crack you are going to whine about namecalling...brace up cupcake} it reeks of Rush Limbaugh {GOOD}, who defended Mark Sanford by saying he went to Argentina because he couldn't handle the way America was tanking. That's pretty faulty logic, but from a guy who committed multiple felonies involving his drug ... dependence and illegal purchase of prescription medication, I guess it makes sense. And, pretty much all politicians start their presidential campaigns one and a half or two years before the electiion. And, let's not forget, Obama has a degree in constituional law, it took her Palin five schools to earn the easiest degree known to man, "communications." Even Republicans are saying this is a terrible step for her to take if she wishes to run for president. Current thinking is that it has something to do with Todd, the former secessionist, and his shady dealings.

Oh, and I don't believe it would be Obama's economy tanking, it would be OURS.

Lefty Liberal C
Lefty Liberal B
Well said. I dont know how people compare Obama and Palin in the same breath...like you said she needed five schools to get a easy degree. Todd the former secessionist LOL

Lefty Liberal A
I agree, Lefty Liberal B. Well said.

Grouchy Historian
Well....let's see. First of all, I hope everyone had a great 4th...I know I did. So, let's address a few things...
1) I prefer Obambi myself, I came up with that seriously, name calling...remember the last 8 years..Bush was called far worse..... :)
2) Yes, Lefty Liberal A, I suppose as a Democrat you would be well acquainted with crooked politicians- (
... Murtha, Rangel, William Jefferson, Chris Dodd, Barney Frank). The difference is, Republicans generally don't tolerate that kinda crap from our side...remember Randy Cunningham? He's in jail now, why is Charlie Rangel still a committee chairman.hmmm>
3) What is the fascination with Obama's law degree? I don't give a rat's a** what someone's college degree is in...it makes no difference to their leadership skills...does this mean if you don't have an Ivy League degree you can't be President, seriously? Where was Ronald Reagan's Degree? Abraham Lincoln's..this leftie snobbery about college pedigrees is getting really old..

Grouchy Historian
Finally, yes, sadly enough, Obama and the Democrats are firmly in control of the American economy and we shall indeed suffer the effects of their policies, likely to include-inflation, stagflation, energy rationing (can you say gas lines, odd and even license plates, remember those?), and finally the replacement of the American dollar as the world's reserve currency as the Chinese stop buying our debt.
Of course then it will be someone else's economy in 2012, whether Sarah Palin's or not, as the Democrats go down in a landslide of 1980 proportions...


Lefty Liberal A
Grouchy Historian, Your party is plummeting off a cliff while hemorrhaging from every orifice. But just keep watching Fox "News" and thinking happy thoughts.

Lefty Liberal A
Also, if I didn't know better, I'd think you were hoping for America to fail. You're either with us or you're with the terrorists... oh wait. That's what you guys say.

Grouchy Historian
Well, I don't disagree that the Republicans (not always my party, mind you) nationally are in a great deal of disarray. Like always, it will be the state organizations that rebuild the national party. And, as always, I must say OBAMA is not AMERICA. I can certanly hope that his socialist and statist agenda fails for the GOOD of America. Time alone will tell who's right. I firmly believe that in 2012, the Republican won't win the Presidential election, OBAMA will lose it...because he will have NO ONE to blame for the failure of his policies....not even W. Of course, if I'm wrong, which does occasionaly happen (I'll tell you about my employment at a dot.bomb company sometime) then Obama has nothing to worry about, the economy will begin to boom, nationalized health care will be a big success and everyone will buy GM cars again.....and there will be candy canes and unicorns for everyone.

I prefer my Fox News, thanks....
Oh, and my patriotic dissent....

Have a great evening !

Lefty Liberal B
All dudes and dudettes--

Honestly. Let's be real. What kind of American wants their president to fail? {EVERY LIBERAL IN AMERICAN FROM 2000-2008. I mean seriously, where the hell has he been. The ENTIRE left hoped we'd fail in Iraq, fail in Afghanistan so they could blame it on Iraq, hated the tax cuts..wow what chutzpah} I'm quite truly exhausted with everyone of all political persuasions wanting the current (and I mean, "current," as in whoever is at the time) person in office to eff up. THAT'S UNAMERICAN. Being a liberal is not being ANTI-American. Being a conservative does not make you PRO-American. The hate being thrown around on both sides is what is killing this country. {Agreed....just like it has poisoned America for the last eight years...but it was okay then....} And Grouchy Historian, I would happily name just as many Republicans who have screwed up and stayed in office (Mark Sanford, God bless his incredibly screwed up psyche--the man needs professional help--comes to mind.

I will never get over anyone who echoes Rush Limbaugh's hope that Obama fails. THAT, to me, is UnAmerican.

I'm no Bush fan--the smartest thing he's ever done is disappear--too bad Cheney can't shut up, he's only proving he was the puppetmaster even more. But, I thought he handled 9/11 beautifully.

Lefty Liberal B
And by "he," I mean W. What followed was a mess, but I give the man credit where credit is due.

But, sorry, "Fair and Balanced" is not what Fox News is. And they are smart enough to know that. Good Lord, anyone who thinks Anne Coulter is hot must never have seen a drag queen. Although, I admit, she's very intelligent. And, in her own words--"a Mean Christian."

'Nuff said.

Lefty Liberal A
I just have to add that I don't think Bush handled 9/11 well at all. I think this nation's response was not our finest hour (we should have gotten stoic and resolved instead of hysterical and weepy). I think this, at least in part, reflected Bush's complete lack of leadership. He blew it.

Grouchy Historian
I, of course, have never implied that being liberal is un-American...and I don't hate anyone. I actually think that having a beer or cheeseburger with Slick Willie or Obama would be fine :)
And I don't think it's un-American to oppose a President's POLICIES that I don't agree with (after all didn't the left do that from 2000-2008?)
Lefty Liberal A and I have very spirited discussions, so don't take them personally...who knows...maybe one day we could get one of those political talk shows...on Fox News of course :<>
Oh, and by the way, I think Sanford is a putz, as I would any man who cheats on his spouse. But how long did the media cover up John Edward's love child? hmmm..yea MSNBCBSABC were sure fair and balanced about that?
And yes, the Republican party is plummeting off the cliff...just like they were in 1965, 1977, 1993, 1997....any thing about those dates sound familiar? How about 1968/1972/1980/1984/1988/2000/2004?...
And I would match Ann Coulter aganist Keith Olbermann any day...

Lefty Liberal A
Grouchy Historian, I can't work for Fox "News". Our show will have to be on some legitimate news outlet.

Grouchy Historian
Maybe we can take over Keith Olbermann's show...oh wait, you said a legitimate news outlet...hmmm, how about the mcneil lehrer show?

Lefty Liberal A
I think it's now called "NEWSHOUR with Jim Lehrer" but that works for me.

So in spite of the overwhelming odds..{in my favor of course} they held their own...NOT. Their whining is almost overwhelming. If they can't take a little name calling, then F### 'em, I have watched W and Cheney endure far worse, and just keep chugging. It's a good thing the ready room gave me thick skin...I don't care what you call me, just don't call me late for supper.