The Chicago Way

So Obambi and his crew are putting horse heads in the beds of Republicans, pesky Governors and anyone else who dares to defy the Obamasseah and his Chicago Thugs.

Issa to Emanuel: Back Off!

The arrogant thug thizzle of Rahm and the gang will have the awesome effect of not only reuniting Republicans, but will eventually drive independents away from their strong arm Third-World political tactics.

I mean when CALIFORNIA starts to make fun of Obambi, you know change is brewing.

Spoof poster of Obama's face painted as The Joker

And I mean the level of thin-skin on these people is amazing. As Michelle Malkin notes, this is NOTHING compared to the crap hurled at Bush during his eight years in office.

So in the meanwhile, as the rest of the world LAUGHS at us and our socialist, black liberation, thug politics President and his minions, the country slowly awakens to the mistake they have made.

Heh, heh, and the Democrats in Congress will soon discover that they are being measured for the ol' Greyhound tires of the Obama-Rham express.

Of course when it comes to Arlen Specter, I would say back the bus up, just to make sure.