How to deal with terrorists

So, the other day, I was having a very, very intense discussion with my liberal classmate from high school on Facebook about the whole CIA interrogation Bull**** and the whole "torture" thing.

I, of course, pointed out that I don't believe Ali Hakim their Heads off HAS any rights to a lawyer, due proces or the Constitution, the Geneva Conventions or the Law of Armed Conflict. They have the right to a quick trial and a fine hangin' to paraphrase the great John Wayne.

Well, I must have REALLY stomped on his liberal self-rightousness because now he has deleted the converstional thread (it was really good) and won't accept any comments of mine. Oh, well, his loss. I find it funny that Liberals are so freakin' thin skinned. But I guess, that's the joy of being a white, male, conservative, veteran Catholic old grouch, I don't give a rat's butt what you think of me, you can call me whatever you like.

Anyway, I didn't get to hit him with the money quote for dealing with Islamic terrorists, from one of my favorite movies-LOTR, The Two Towers, quoted by Aragorn before the Battle of Helms Deep.

: [In Elvish] Show them no mercy... for you shall receive none!