National Buyer's Remorse

Do Americans wish there was an election lemon law?

Sure seems so. The American people are clearly waking up from violating one of my two maxims:
  1. Never screw when you're drunk
  2. Never vote when you're angry
They are experiencing buyer's remorse for the Obamassiah. I mean didn't he appear to be a slightly left candidate of tax cuts for 95% of Americans, Hope and Change, and a new tone of politics in America? But look at what he has become:
  • The biggest tax and spend liberal since LBJ
  • The most pacifist, reckless foreign policy President since Jimmy Carter
  • The most partisan President since??? I don't really know...the spats between Clinton and Gingrich really seem pretty small change now, don't they?
  • Head of the most corrupt administration since??? I don't know this one either, of course the entire Democratic Party seems to think that taxes are only for chumps (that's you and me) and clearly they need their own fleet of private jets to fly around on.
  • and perhaps even a closet (or not so closet) Marxist
Is this what America voted for? A $700B stimulus package? $9, 10, 11T in additional debt? I mean what is a TRILLION dollars anyway? At some point does it all just become monopoly money?

And how did it become the policy of the United States to RELEASE terrorists and PROSECUTE CIA agents?

Unfortunately, we are stuck with him until January 20, 2013. So I guess we will all have to stay sharp, vote in 2010 and hold on to our wallets.