Well, how to dissect the Obamacare debacle. So many ways so little time...so here goes.

IDEOLOGICAL- Clearly the Far Left President and his Far Left cronies in Congress have underestimated the ideological bent of the American electorate. The American people are waking up to the "bait and switch" candidate that was elected and are becoming more leery of Obama's "Rob the rich and spread the wealth to the poor" ideology. The overwhelming leftist bent of the current health care plans have galvanized the electorate more than even the crap-and-trade and porkulus.

MANAGEMENT- This is the biggest debacle. Clearly the Far Left Democrats figure they could just slam this through, wrote a piece of crap bill, and then were hammered by an incredibly well-educated electorate that no longer trusts or believes the spin from the dinosaur media. Strictly from a management point of view, the lack of coordination between the White House and Congress was incredible. The "message" on health care can not be sent in sound bites, because, as noted above, the electorate can read the bill for themselves and they don't believe the B.S. soundbites anymore.

POLITICS- This could truly be Obama's Waterloo, although I consider it more of his Midway. A turning point to be sure, but not victory. Republicans must truly win the war of ideas here and start pitching their own solution to health care. It is not enough to stop the public option and squash ANY government run insurance plan. Republicans must demonstrate a plan to let PEOPLE and the FREE MARKETS make health insurance more affordable to Americans.

The Republicans has a major opportunity to not only defeat this Obamaination of a health care bill, but kill of crap and trade and really make some noise on rolling back some of the porkulus spending and bringing the deficit down.

The question is, do the have the cajones to do it? We'd better hope so....the path to a new Republican revival and revolution in 2010 and 2012 start now.