New Report on Afghanistan

The continuing waffling on Afghanistan by President Urkel Obama is becoming almost criminal.  I can't figure this out, other than to assume that Urkel and his minions are deciding on a way to gracefully dump Afghanistan so they have more money for spending on votes.

The complete BS with the recent elections would seem to be their narrative on retreating.  I mean, hey, if a bunch of sheepherders can't buy votes like ACORN does, screw'em.  I mean seriously, Al Qaeda probably has very fair election for head suicide bomber, supervised by SEIU I'm sure.

The bigger point, of course is not Afghanistan, but Pakistan, where this disturbing news came out this week.  Punjabi Taliban threat growing

If the Pakistanis can not depend on their Punjabis, then we (the world) are in serious dog doo.  The prize here is not Afghanistan, which nobody gives a rat's patoootie about..Pakistan has 100 million people, nuclear weapons and a large and well equipped military.  If it falls into extremist Islamic control, the consequences would be BAD.  Forget Al Qaeda getting their hands on a few nukes, that's just another crisis not to waste, according to Rahm "Fishwrapper" Emanuel.  But the Indians will NEVER put up with that.  They know first hand what Pakistani sponsored terrorists are capable of doing.  What would Urkel do?  Good question..not one I want to know the answer too.
While Urkel decides on his next move in the REALLY important war on Fox News, here the latest assessment by the Center for a New American Security on Afghanistan.  I don't quite agree with the author's conclusion that the government can't fall, if Urkel has his way and starts pulling out troops so we don't support an "illegitmate" government, then anything is possible.

Remember, PAKISTAN, PAKISTAN...I know most of our recent high school and college graduates probably can't find it on a map, but they will!