Virginia becomes the first chink in Obama's armor

Dang, it's getting more crowded under that Obama bus.  Now the Obamabots are gonna throw Creigh Deeds under the bus and make sure President Urkel does not take any heat.  Now I can't disagree with the notion that Deeds ran a feckless campaign, even with the supreme help of the Washington Post's hit piece on McDonnell's 20 year old term paper.  McDonnell has been running for Governor unopposed for two years and has built an incredible campaign.

And of course, embracing Obama today is probably not gonna sell well with Virginians outside of Richmond and Norfolk with their heavily minority populations.  The key to Virginia is Northern Virginia, and I think folks here are getting some buyer's remorse, especially when they figure out they are the "rich" that Urkel wants to tax to pay for everything.  (Are you listening Gerry Connolly? 'cause, you're next)

So, another one bites the dust to redeem the image of the Obamasseah.