Fascinating look at what might have been

Came across this article today talking about FDR's probable cancer and the fact that his doctors, probably with his consent or active participation, covered up his medical condition during his 1944 Presidential run for a 4th term.

The article raises a number of interesting what ifs?  Clearly FDR got run over by Stalin at the Yalta Conference and likely contributed to the Soviet takeover of Easter Europe after 1945.  The more intriguing question is who might have been President if FDR had died a year earlier or chosen not to run?  For various reasons, including his strong Soviet sympathies, Henry Wallace was not chosen as FDRs running mate, but who might have taken his place at the top of the Democratic ticket?  Harry Truman?  I doubt it.  It might have been a wide open floor fight in the day when the party bosses ran the convention.

Would Thomas Dewey have been electable and if so, what might have been different?  Dewey was an "establishment Republican", what we might call a RINO today on social issues, but he was a staunch anti-communist who might have stood up better to Stalin with a little backing from Winston Churchill.

FDR's reputation has taken a pounding lately, especially his Progressive social plan of the "New Deal" and his handling of Stalin and post-war Europe.  This potential revelation will not help it any.