Interesting Strategic Problem

My sister sent my this link to an editorial on the NY Times (gasp) about the end of World War II.
Now I know a LOT about World War II in the ETO, since it is one of my favorite topics, but the story of the U.S. 6th Army Group, consisting of the 7th US and 1st French Army is truly a neglected topic of World War II history. 

Well, looks like I may have to turn my attention to this topic, maybe over the holidays after my current class in historiography in done.

The controversy over the narrow front versus broad front in Europe in the fall of 1944 will likely rage for ever.  I can't honestly give an educated opinion other than I think too many people take a very simplistic view about how "beaten" the Wehrmacht was in the fall of 1944.  Although I don't disagree the Ike was a very political general (which he had to be), I don't at this point think that he was wrong to be worried about a German counterattack of any "narrow thrust" made by the Allies into Germany in late 1944.

But we'll see what this guy has to say.

Thanks, Sis...