My Prediction-"I was for the surge, before I was against it"

 Well the fix is in and the narrative is set, even  before President Obama (Urkel) goes in front of the nation today to explain his retreat policy for Afghanistan (at least that's my prediction).

POWERFUL Democrats (read liberal wacko Defeatocrats) are going to give the Prez two escape routes:
  • DANG, that war thing is expen-sive and we should be spending that money on something more important, like universal health workers at SEIU, ooops, I meant universal health care, and creating green jobs and funding more puppies and unicorns.
  • OH, and the Afghan government is SOOOO corrupt...look how they wasted $787 BILLION dollars, oops, my bad, that was OUR government.  But hey they had a rigged election...with Black Panthers intimidating white voters and everything...ooops, that was Philadelphia.  And they can't take care of their people, at least not like ACORN long as you're pimps and 'hoes.  
Nonetheless, as Prez Urkel desperately tries to keep the loony left of his base happy before the 2010 election truck runs over the Dems and tries to placate those pesky generals trying to win a very difficult war, he will undertake some half-measure with a fixed timetable that the Taliban will LAUGH at before retreating into their caves or going back to their poppy fields and wait out the infidel Americans to leave...ouch, now I said it.

Obama does not want to take responsibility for this war, so his hacks on the hill try to blame Bush for "failing to get Obama., I mean Osama, ooops Freudian slip" in the fall of 2001.  Now, I won't excuse the decisions made at the time...their was a very conscious decision to keep our footprint on the ground and rely on the Afghans, which in retrospect was a mistake, but so was McClellan's Seven Days Campaign and John Pope's Manassas Campaign and you didn't hear Abe Lincoln whining about it!  He found a fighting general in Grant, gave him what he wanted and got the hell out of the way, knowing that VICTORY would be the best political result.

I fear we have Jimmy Carter and not Abraham Lincoln in the White House...or as someone once said, "Mr. Obama, you're no Abe Lincoln."  The good news is, Jimmy was a one-term President...will history repeat itself?