Now Ralph Peters is one of my favorite grouchy military commentators.  His latest column takes aim at our military leadership for failing to provide President Urkel with more options on Afghanistan.

I don't agree with all of his points, clearly no matter what option this Administration, short of withdrawal and surrender of Afghanistan to the Taliban, the U.S. will need to send more troops.  Where I think Ralph's column falls short is understanding that this is not a military or strategic decision, it is a domestic political issue:  How many troops can Obama send without appearing to give up, but not annoying his DailyKos wing of the Democratic party.  For him it is a lose-lose situation, hence he is putting of a decision as long as possible.

Here are some other viewpoints on a very important debate that should not be politicized. (Although with this Administration, EVERYTHING is about politics)

The Cost of Dithering

The Hurry-Up Offense

Both of these articles are by military analysts I have read and respect.