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Wednesday, December 16, 2009


This sort of bullsh** "lawfare" never ceases to really, reallly, really piss me off.

The incredibly tortured, convoluted logic that allows lefty, terrorist lovers like these Palestinian Solidarity Campaign idiots is amazing.  

HOW about some "War Crimes" indictments against the PALESTINIAN ARAB HAMAS MUSLIM terrorists who deliberately {<-emphasis on that word} shot rockets at Israeli CIVILIANS that unleashed the whoop-ass from the Israelis in December 2008?  Obviously the truth is just as inconvenient to these morons as it is to Al Gore.

I find it amazing that the Israelis are supposed to sit by and let Hamas, Hizbullah and all the other ARAB MUSLIM terrorists provoke them on an almost daily basis, but when the exercise their legitimate right of self defense, they are suddenly war criminals.  I think MS. Sarah Colborn, Palestinian Solidarity Campaign Director of campaigns and operations should spend a little time as a woman in Saudi Arabia, Gaza, or Afghanistan and then we can discuss Palestinian Solidarity......

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