Revisionist History AT ITS WORST

Michelle Malkin has a great blog and I really read with interest this post:

Hollywood & Howard Zinn’s Marxist education project

Howard Zinn, is, in my opinion a bloviating Marxist whinner disguised as a historian.  I flipped through the COMIC BOOK version of his book (yes, I said comic book, I guess that's the only way liberals can read and understand history-comic books)  I find it hard to believe that the History Channel has anything to do with him and I've got to wonder if they have fallen off their rocker associating themselves with this nutball. 

Here's my question for Howie...if the U.S. is so bad, why not move to a Marxist paradise like Cuba or Venezuela?  And hey, I wonder if he has cashed all those royalty checks for his crappy books....just another liberal hypocrite like Michael Moore, Al Gore and all the other "do as I say and not as I do" limousine liberals.