Surrender by any other name is still surrender

Ralph Peters, one of my favorite Grouchy commentators has an excellent article in the NY Post.

Now Ralph is particularly acerbic, but he makes a good point-Wars are rarely won on a time table and the Taliban get a BIG vote in how things work out.  I think Obama clearly doesn't understand that annoying little tidbit.  I am also worried about how long it will take to get those troops into the country.  I read on another blog a very good point (don't remember the blog) that Afghanistan has lousy infrastructure and no port and rail system like Iraq.  SO it may take 6-9 months to get all the 30,000 troops in country, leaving the military only 6-9 months to make a difference.

Ralph is probably right that Obama is setting up the military to take the fall if his policy fails and he is forced (which he will be) by his lefty base to pull all the troops out of Iraq AND Afghanistan prior to the 2012 election...his choice to begin withdrawal of troops 1 year before the likely 2012 Defeatocrat Convention is no coincidence. 

If I was a real conspiracy nut, I would also say that Obama is setting up Gen. Petraeus to take the fall in order to keep him from becoming a potential political rival....not that he would EVER consider that in his I'm sure Rahmbo and the Axe would ever consider politics above national security....