Which came first?

Okay, I don't usually blog about economics, since, as Clint Eastwood famously said, "A man's got to know his limitations."  Obviously, Obama and the Democrats in Congress don't understand how closed-loop feedback systems work and think they can command the economy to create jobs, thereby saving their "phoney-baloney jobs" as Mel Brooks once described corrupt politicians.

So, here's the first article: Job creation requires certainty, not government action
This article logically makes the case that "Small businesses create most of the jobs in an economy such as ours. But small businesses find it impossible to plan on expanding because they do not know what it will cost them to take on more staff.....This is not exactly a setting in which businessmen, especially small-business men, see a bright future. Uncertainty about some things, certainty about even worse things -- so hunker down, don't hire just yet, wait and see if things turn out as badly as it now seems likely they will."

More deficit spending on some phony jobs creation bill is not the answer.  Making smart decisions on tax policy, employer mandates, and regulation is the way to get jobs moving.

THIS is the more interesting article.  This guy is such a moron it nearly defies explanation, but I will give it a try:

Dems Doing Liberalism Badly

The crux of his argument is that liberalism is good, but Obama is screwing it up.  He clearly thinks that the porkulus bill should have been a "jobs" bill instead of a "stimulus" bill.  "It was Democrats' first big chance in decades to position government to affirmatively promote good, the keystone principle of active state liberalism from Lincoln to both Roosevelts to LBJ. Thereafter, the recovery of liberal thought was invested in the economic recovery act."  

CLUE IN DUFUS, that money wasn't about jobs or stimulus, it was a means to prop up sagging state governments (and unionized government employees), give lots of money to Democratic special interests and "build shovel ready projects" again with lots of union labor.

But his entire argument is flawed...the government does not CREATE jobs or wealth.  It uses TAXES taken from other people to pay its workers, buy its toilet paper and everything else.  This is money NOT available to the private sector.  In addition, all of the ridiculous regulations and policies don't help either....
trying to say liberalism is good, but being messed up by Obama and Pelosi is like saying communism was good, but the Russians were too stupid to make it work....