WOW, betrayal thy name is woman

Okay, here’s another article in another lefty leaning magazine. How to leave a soldier. Now, initially I was a little ambivalent about this article. Clearly the military lifestyle is not for everyone, and being a military spouse is particularly hard, even in “peacetime”. Although I certainly sympathize with the author, I can’t help but feel she is a little whiny and self-absorbed.  I mean seriously, leaving an American Soldier for some Marxist, pinko commie, little sissy professor...oyyyy, yea you did not trade up sister, in my littl' ol' opinion.

And, of course the comments from the typical loons that read Salon, certainly don’t endear me to her cause:


"Volunteer soldiers enable voluntary wars. Why do we continue to cheer them as they get off the plane?"

Soldiers should be compassionately left and told why

"for their own good and the good of those their choice would put at risk of harm.
Someone who would voluntarily enlist to kill and risk being killed for the sake of a “country” is simply neither emotionally nor mentally ready to function as a partner or parent. Saying no is an act of both love and pacifism".

Good For You

"War is nothing but organized murder and volunteer soldiers are volunteer murderers who use words like "valor" and "defense" and "honor" and "homeland" to justify their feckless adventurism and attraction to killing, weapons and murder.

If they really cared about their families, they wouldn't volunteer to fight useless colonial wars where they act as the shock troops of Wall St. and Western capitalism.

My father was a REAL citizen-soldier, who fought fascism in Europe when the entire country mobilized for total war. But the "volunteer army" of today is nothing but a glorified mercenary force who are paid (poorly) to murder brown people and anyone else who dares to stand between the American overclass and it's rapacious hunger for profit.

Women should deny these fascist enablers sex, love and companionship at every opportunity."

For these nitwits, I dealt with 14 hour flights, port and starboard watches and 15 out of 18 months on the Enterprise underway? How about we give them all an M-4, three or four clips and a couple of lattes’ to sit down and “understand” our enemies and see which one does them more good.

Booger eatin’ morons.


Garry Parzych said…
"Soldiers should be compassionately left and told why
for their own good and the good of those their choice would put at risk of harm."

A good ilustration of the smug liberal attitude of "we know better what's good for you; shut up and be grateful we have condescended to help you."
Bob said…
What's sad is that those same "volunteer killers" are what allow those people the freedom to foist their stupidity on others. In other countries, those types of people would have been shot a long time ago: the last thing a dictator tolerates is people with "education".