Another OUTSTANDING Facebook exchange

Okay, here we go again, another fascinating exchange on Facebook between yours truly and some completely thin-skinned, bitter, angry liberal women.  WOW, this was not what I expected.
Angry Liberal Woman #1: Amen! It is your right to agree or disagree with any Administration. But this has become uncivilized hatred and bigotry.
It’s long past time to acknowledge that a party that promotes ignorance and provides a safe house for bigotry cannot serve the best interests of our country.

Neutral Bystander Guy:  Totally agree it's foolish using hateful rhetoric when expressing opinions. We heard much the same from the political left during the lowness of the Iraq War and national elections since Y2K. Yet personal freedom is at stake with this healthcare bill so I can appreciate the challenge of maintaining self-control.

Angry Liberal Woman #1: Doug, I appreciate the respectful response and we can agree to disagree. I feel the same challenge when the personal rights of women are at stake.

Your Hero, the Grouchy Historian
"For decades the G.O.P. has been the party of fear, ignorance and divisiveness."
Really? I suppose the current Administration is full of puppies and unicorns...remember the absolute trash hurled at the previous President? I do, and I have to say Mr. Herbert does not impress me. Where was the NYT for the last 8 years? Isn't dissent the highest form of patriotism?...oh that's right, only if you're a Democrat..otherwise, shut up, cause your betters will tell you what to think.

Really Angry Liberal Woman #2:  Don't even get me stad on the GOPPPPPPPPPP Tea Party People.

I'm about to explode the second I see one. I have to have a kid around me 24/7 just to keep my mouth shut.

Your Hero, the Grouchy Historian:  Tea Party versus Code Pink? Hmmmm, let me think.....

Really Angry Liberal Woman #2: Angry Liberal Woman #1, I would do some friend deleting on your page :) I had to delete 3-4 last week. Love Ya

Your Hero, the Grouchy Historian: What, no civil discourse?
Really Angry Liberal Woman #2: I'm on Angry Liberal Woman #1's page, I have to behave.

But I will say, I would love to see how you would handle my page if the truth in the Op Ed piece bothers you. It's the truth.


Cant handle people that act like that anymore. I JUST DELETE :)

Your Hero, the Grouchy Historian:  Hmmm, well nothing like sweeping generalizations, don't they call those prejudices?
Really Angry Liberal Woman #2: We will stop now. Have a good night :)

Now, normally, I would expect it to end there...after all, I can be a little bit :) snarky, especially with sanctimonious liberals.  BUT, the next day, Angry Liberal Woman #1 DE-FRIENDED me on Facebook.  SERIOUSLY, you're going to do that over a little spat about a MORON columnist from the NYT?  I would say a lot of things, but why bother, that's the liberal mindset...if you don't want to argue about the facts, call the other person names, leading up to the racist, sexist labels, then stop the conversation.  

SOOOO, whatever, it was excellent fodder for my Facebook page.....

Would love to see Really Angry Liberal Woman's face after the 2010 elections and when her Hero the Obamassieah becomes a one-term failed President who makes Jimmy Carter looks like a statesman.


alohavale said…
So much to comment on. First, it just proves that Liberal Woman #1 could not justify her opinions if she was unwilling to have civil discourse. How is ignoring someone else's opinion a path to unity in this country. She must think that if she doesn't have to hear it from you, then an opposing opinion must not exist.
As for the article, I am not a racist, but I believe it is our Constitutional right, to think and say whatever we feel. No matter if it is rude or racist or insensitive. People need to grow a thicker skin! I think it is our responsibility to protect the racist as much as the peace lovers. Both have their right to their own opinion.
I don't agree with the spitting incident, but I like the idea of a new political party called the Tea Party. I like the idea of protesting what is going on and the incident just weakens a party that is just beginning.
For perspective though, I was speaking to a CNN news crew producer that I know, and he thought that "those Tea Party people should be thrown in jail for 10 year for that [spitting incident]!" Hmm, maybe a little lack of perspective? I mean seriously a minor assault charge and a fine of $50. That is what anyone else would get for spitting, assuming they got arrested at all! And freedom of speech should protect anything else. And this is someone who is PRODUCING stories for CNN, this is not somebody without a strong bias and who needs some more rational judgement (in this particular case).
The real question come to, "how do you persuade an emotional thinker to think rationally?" This country needs to be run by good sense, not emotions. Unfortunately, that is how it is being run.