Outstanding Article

I subscribe to the monthly newsletter from Hillsdale College, an outstanding institute of higher learning.
This month's Imprimis has a very timely article on the bungling of the War on Terror by the Obama Administration.

America's War On Islamist Terror...Or Is It?

 These protocols are the laws of war, and they are older than the U.S. itself. They include requiring combatants to wear uniforms, to carry their weapons openly, to be part of a regular armed force, and, most importantly, to refrain from intentionally targeting civilians. They also define wartime powers and privileges. Enemy combatants, for example, may be captured and detained until the conclusion of hostilities. Fighters who adhere to the laws of war are entitled to various protections upon capture. By contrast, fighters who flout the laws of war—such as non-uniformed terrorists who target civilians—are unlawful combatants and may be prosecuted by a military commission for war crimes.

 Hmmm, sounds like a plan to me.