South of the Border

Interesting article in the LA Times -Consular slayings spotlight Mexico's failures in fighting drug gangs....and certainly timely with the current Administration getting ready to set its sights on illegal alien amnesty, ooops I mean immigration reform.

What will the U.S. do if Mexico becomes a quasi-narco state?  How about that open border then?  Will we have the courage to enforce our sovereignty as a nation and defend our country from an invasion, albeit an unarmed one...for now.

This not a mere academic exercise, who knows what is or could be smuggled across our border?  And with the current crop of politicians attempting to suck up to the Hispanic community in order to buy votes (yes I said it, please, what do you think is all about?  As they said in Ghostbusters- "Millions of registered voters")

And of course, the line is quickly blurring, even in our country, between law enforcement and national security.

A "New" Dynamic in the Western Hemisphere Security Environment: The Mexican Zetas and Other Private Armies